Introductory Rate Loan
A discounted or fixed rate for the first twelve months.

Basic Home Loan
A basic, no frills home loan with limited features.

Variable Rate Loan
A standard loan with various features, flexibility, and an interest rate subject to fluctuations.

Fixed Rate Loan
A loan with set interest rates and repayments, over a set period of time.

Split Home Loan
A combination of variable and fixed loans.

Construction Loan
A loan for building a home with progressive drawings.

Bridging Loan
A loan that lets you purchase your new home while your current property sells.

Line Of Credit
An interest only revolving facility with a pre determined limit.

Professional Package Loan
A loan with a discounted rate based on the amount borrowed.

Reverse Mortgage/Seniors Loan
A loan without repayments, that is repaid from your estate.

Low Doc Loan
For Self Employed applicants who do not have financial tax returns available.

Commercial Loan
A loan for the purpose of purchasing or refinancing commercial property.

Finance for motor vehicles and/or equipment for business purposes.

Personal loan
A small loan for any worthwhile personal purpose.

Financial Planning
Investment, superannuation, or retirement advice.